The shareholders of AMK are the beacon of light guiding the organization in its pursuit of balance between social and financial performance. They preserve the value system of AMK as it pursues profit and business viability, values that translate into every solution and strategy, from staff incentives to making sure clients improve their quality of lives.

The Shanghai Commercial & Savings Bank, Ltd. (SCSB)

The Shanghai Commercial & Savings Bank, Ltd. (SCSB): The Shanghai Commercial & Savings Bank, Ltd. (SCSB) was established in Shanghai in 1915 with the aspiration “to serve society, to support industry, and to promote international trade.” It is the premier choice for small- and medium-sized enterprises and is recognized for its efficient trade financing and remittance services.

Together with its subsidiary Shanghai Commercial Bank Ltd. (SCB) in Hong Kong, SCSB manages total consolidated assets more than US$58 billion and capital more than US$1.3 billion, and has shareholder’s equity more than US$5.5 billion.

We employ over 4,000 staff members and operate 127 branches worldwide. In Taiwan alone, we operate 69 branches and employ over 2,400 staff, with another 3 branches in Hong Kong, Vietnam and Singapore, and 3 representative offices in Thailand, Cambodia and Indonesia. Through SCB, we operate 45 branches in Hong Kong and 7 branches overseas (Shanghai, Shenzhen, Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone, London, New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles).

SCSB and SCB partner closely with Bank of Shanghai in Mainland China to form what is known as the Three Shanghai Bank Alliance.

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AMK Staff Association (AMK-SA) LTD is a private company with limited liability which was granted the Certificate of Registration number 00008551 from MOC dated 21 July 2011 in accordance with the laws of the Kingdom of Cambodia. AMK Staff Association (AMK-SA) LTD has its registered address at Building 285, Street 271, Sk. Tomnub teuk, Kh. Boeng Keng Kang, Phnom Penh, Cambodia