UnionPay International Debit Card

UnionPay International Debit Card is issued by AMK to customers accordingly to their needs and lifestyle, with AMK UPI cards customers can make it easy to deposit/cash withdrawals via AMK (CDMs/ATMs) as well as access the withdrawal from any ATMs throughout Cambodia and worldwide, online purchases, POS purchases or tap to pay which the UPI logo on it. Additionally, customers can receive remittances quickly and conveniently to the AMK UPI card from other banks. AMK’s offer three different card types as the below:

UnionPay Easy Debit card

UnionPay Lucky Debit card

UnionPay Superior Debit card

Fee & Charge

Description  Fee
New Card Request USD 5.00 (free for first card request)
Annual Fee USD 4.00
Card Replacement USD 5.00
Card Delivery Fee USD 2.00
Cash withdrawal (off-us) Min USD 3.00 or 2% of withdrawal amount.
Balance Inquiry (off-us) USD 0.30
Daily Limit Change Free of charge
PIN Change Free of charge
Cross Border Markup Fee 2% for cross currency transaction.

Card Limitation

Requirement Card Request

How to Apply

Please visit our nearest branch and our customer service will guide you or contact us at 023 220 202 or 1800 200 200.