Individual Term Deposit

Is a type of account offer high interest rate to individual customer who is willing to saving their money and earn high interest amount for a specific period of time. Customer has the option to withdraw the interest earned every month or on maturity date.

Product Features and Benefits

Product Attribute   Description
Currency KHR/USD
Annual Interest Rate Please see table below
Term 1 to 36 months
Initial Deposit KHR100,000/ USD25
Account Ownership Individual Term Deposit Certificate
Withholding Tax 6% for resident 14% for non-resident
Account Opening
•    AMK Branches during business hours •     AMK’s Staff during business hours
•     AMK Mobile Banking
Withdrawal Condition Withdrawal on maturity date or closure account
Fee Charge •     Free of charge on account opening or closing
•     KHR8,000/USD2 for new issuance of ATM Card or account ownership if lost

Interest Rate:


How to Apply: