A type of business loan for individuals or micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) who need to use short-term capital or expand an existing business or start a new business.

Product Features and Benefits:

Features  Description
Currency KHR and USD
Monthly Interest Rate From 1.0% to 1.50%
Loan Size From USD 5,001 to USD 20,000 or equivalence currency
Loan Term Up to 84 months
Repayment Mode Flexible repayment
Collateral Requirement Land/House/Building/Saving Account
Grace period Up to 6 months for principle payment only and interest will be paid on a regular monthly basis.


Supporting documents:

How to Apply:

Please visit one of our nearest branches to you and meet our staff who will guide you through the processes, or contact us: 023 220 202 or 1800 200 200 (No Fee Charge).
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