Auto Leasing

AMK offers car lease financing with flexible terms and payments, simple application process and competitive interest rate.

How to Apply:
Choose any car of your choice and contact our contact center to apply via:
AMK អេ​ អឹម ខេ page (Facebook)
• 023 220 202 or 1800 200 200 (No Fee Charge)
• Or visit any AMK offices close to you

1Targeted CustomerProvide to all Individual customer 
2Product TypeAuto lease for personal or family use
3CurrencyUSD or KHR
4Lease LimitUp to  USD 50,000
5Lease Term12 – 72 Months
6Repayment Mode– Monthly Installment
– Annuity
7Down Payment– New: ≥ 20% of the asset price.
– Second Hand (plate# and tax paper): ≥15% of asset price
8Model and Year of Manufacturing– Model: unlimited
– Year of Manufacturing៖
– New៖ unlimited Year of Manufacturing smaller than or equal to 20 years (Year of Manufacturing + Loan term)
* Model and Year of Manufacturing have detail in Appendix of SOP.
9Other Fee– Insurance
– Internet Fee for GPS
– GPS Price (will include in lease amount Repayment Schedule)
– CBC Fee