Cambodian Shared Switch (CSS)

Cambodian Shared Switch (CSS) is a local card scheme who are authorized by the National Bank of Cambodia (NBC) for customers can make transactions across through ATMs in domestic who are CSS members, and there are the operations such as Cash withdrawals, Money transfers, Balance inquiries, Mini-statement, and POS purchase as conveniently.

Product and Benefits

Operation types1. Cash withdrawals
2. Local bank money transfer
3. Balance inquires
4. PIN change
5. Mini-statement
6. POS purchase
ConditionsAMK’s customers can make the transaction through ATMs and POS’s banks or MFIs/MDIs who are the CSS members such as:
– Amount per transaction or daily amount is defined by AMK.
– Fee charge is defined by banks or MFIs who are CSS members.
Banks and MFIs’ CSS members(1)AMK Microfinance Institution Plc (2)Sathapana Bank Plc (3)Canadia Bank (4) Vattanac Bank (5)Cambodia Post Bank (6)Acleda Bank Plc (7)PRASAC MFI Plc (8)Prince Bank (9)Foreign Trade Bank of Cambodia (10)Chip Mong Commercial Bank Plc (11)BIC(CAMBODIA) Bank PLC (12)Phillip Bank (13)ABA Bank (14)Woori Bank Plc (15)Chief Bank (16)LOLC (Cambodia) Plc (17)Hattha Bank (18)Maybank (Cambodia) Plc (19)Kookmin Bank Cambodia Plc (20)Shinhan Bank (21)Amret Plc (22)Cambodia Asia Bank (23)First Commercial Bank Phnom Penh Branch (24)Union Commercial Bank (25)Phnom Penh Commercial Bank (26)Sacombank Cambodia Plc (27)Taiwan Cooperative Bank Phnom Penh Branch (28)Hong Leong Bank (29)RHB Bank (30)Mega International Commercial Bank Phnom Penh Branch (31)CIMB Bank (32)Bank of China Phnom Penh Branch (33)Cathay United Bank (34)ICBC Bank (35)Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited Cambodia Branch (36)Kasikorn Bank Public Company Limited Phnom Penh Branch (37)Asia-Pacific Development Bank Plc (38)Cambodia Public Bank Plc (39)Cambodian Commercial Bank (40) WB Finance

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