Corporate Savings

Is a type of account for ​company, organization, institution or AMK partnership who preferred AMK’s saving. This kind of product which is applicable using with other AMK’s product, is very flexible and easy to deposit and withdrawal money at any time with competitive interest rate offered.

Features and Benefits:

Product Attribute   Description
Currency KHR/USD
Annual Interest Rate Up to 2.50%
Initial Deposit KHR400,000/ USD100
Minimum Balance Nil
Account Ownership Saving Paper Card
Withholding Tax 4% for resident 14% for non-resident
Account Opening
•    AMK Branches during business hours•     AMK’s Staff during business hours
Accessibility AMK Branches during business hours
Interest Payment Interest is accrued based on ending balance end of day and paid automatically into account at the end of each month.
Additional Service Free of charge on request account statement
Fee Charge •     Free of charge on account opening or closing
•     The fee charge of dormant account which no activity for over 12months will be applied based on periods of dormancy
•     KHR8,000/USD2 for new issuance of ATM Card or account ownership if lost


How to Apply: