Mobile Banking

What could be better than being able to perform your financial transaction at a time convenient to you and taking care of most of your financial transaction needs?

AMK offers a secure, easy to use Mobile Banking App with many features to meet your day to day needs. You can check and monitor your money at any time. You can make all necessary bill payments or fund transfers to your loved ones with a few taps of your fingers. Moreover, you can create your own savings plan, deciding how much money and how long, to meet your future plans.

AMK Mobile App Features:

Check Balance

Check your accounts balance with just a few clicks anytime, anywhere.

Loan Payment

Pay your loan at AMK via AMK’s Mobile Banking App within seconds.

Bills Payment

Pay your bills instantly from your phone through the AMK Mobile Banking App. You can set recurring fixed bill payments too.

Mobile Top Up

Recharge any mobile credit PIN-less with speed.

Money Transfer

You can perform fund transfers to any AMK account, to Cash, to other bank accounts or wallet via FAST system or Bakong seamlessly.  Moreover, you can also transfer money to the Philippines and Vietnam as well. 

Create Account

You can open a Savings account straight from your phone with AMK Mobile Banking App.

Scan Pay

AMK Pay is a friendly mobile payment solution. It’s quick and easy, just a few taps to complete your payment.

Protect Your Money

You can activate Face ID or Fingerprint to add extra protection to your money.

Get Started AMK Mobile App

How to use AMK Mobile App?

Scan QR Code below to view and learn how to register and use AMK Mobile Banking App.

How to Apply

Please visit one of our nearest branches to you and meet our staff who will guide you through the processes, or contact us: 023 220 202 or 1800 200 200 (No Fee Charge).
Please click here for our ATM & branch’s addresses