Motor/tricycle Leasing

To provide customers who wish to have a motorcycle / tricycle for personal use or daily income generation activities.

Features  Motorcycle Tricycle
Currency USD USD
Lease Amount Up to 100% of motorcycle price (Maximum USD 5,000) Up to 80% of tricycle price (Maximum USD 5,000)
Lease Term Up to 48 months Up to 48 months
Monthly interest rate 1.50% 1.50%
Repayment mode Annuity (Repay an equal monthly fixed amount). Annuity (Repay an equal monthly fixed amount).


Supporting documents

How to Apply:

Choose any car of your choice and contact our contact center to apply via:
AMK អេ​ អឹម ខេ page (Facebook)
• 023 220 202 or 1800 200 200 (No Fee Charge)
• Or visit any AMK offices close to you