Salary Advance

AMK Salary Advance is a type of loan designed to help employees who have worked in various institutions but use the payroll service with AMK can borrow money for personal purposes.

Target customerEmployees are using AMK Payroll service and working at least 6months or passed probation
CurrencyUSD,KHR, THB (Based on currency salary of client)
Interest Rate1.5 % per month
Loan sizeUp to 5,000 USD or equivalent to other currencies
Fee Charge 1%-3%
Repayment ModeThrough payroll account
Facility TermUp to 36 months
Loan Security– No guarantor
– No collateral
Document requirement– CBC Consent
– KYC (NID, passport) and family book or residential book
Contract TerminationTo terminate contract before maturity date can be happen with condtions below:
– Request from customer or
– Customer resign from the company (company that using AMK Payroll Service) or
– AMK found that customer doesn’t follow term and condition in the contract
Pay offWhen customer resign or movement or terminated by AMK
Increase loan sizeThe request to increase loan size is required customer to provide the letter of increasing salary and CBC check

How to apply: