Future Account

Set a goal, advance it incrementally and consistently to achieve a great result.

Everyone has a dream like owning one’s own house, traveling, purchasing assets or saving for a rainy day, The Future Saving Account can help you to achieve your dream in three easy steps. First, set your goal (how much you want to have). Second, decide how much you can save on regular basis (weekly, monthly etc..). Last but not least, start your journey with AMK now. 

You also receive generous discounts offered by AMK’s partner merchants nationwide.

Product Features and Benefits:

Product Attribute  Description
Currency KHR/USD/THB
Initial deposit KHR 20,000 / USD 5 / THB 200
Account Ownership Savings Paper Card
Interest Payment Mode Interest on Maturity
Accessibility AMK offices 
Withholding Tax 6% for residence/ 14% for non-residence

Interest Rate:

03 to 054.00%4.00%2.00%
06 to 084.25%4.25%2.25%
09 to 115.25%5.00%3.00%
12 to 175.75%5.50%3.50%
18 to 235.75%5.50%3.50%
24 to 356.00%5.75%3.75%


• Customer’s Age from 18 years’ old
• Cambodia National ID card / Passport / Family Book / identity document issued by an official authority
• And other relevant documents as requested

How to Apply:

Please visit one of our nearest branches to you and meet our staff who will guide you through the processes, or contact us: 023 220 202 or 1800 200 200 (No Fee Charge).
Please click here for our branch’s addresses