The Client Protection Principles


We will provide AMK products and services to poor and marginalized people.

Avoiding Corridor Debt

We will lend to consumers on the possibility of repayment of the customers and find ways to avoid possible debt as much as possible.

Transparent Pricing

We will inform customers of the value and duty principle and ensure transparency in product and transaction pricing.

Staffs of Ethics

We will ensure high ethical attitudes and respect for customers by all levels of staff.

Freedom of Choice (Products and Services)

We will coordinate and promote freedom of choice for all customers.

Appropriate debt repayment

The debt repayment process will be conducted appropriately and cooperatively without breach or threat.

Response mechanisms to comments

We will provide an appropriate and convenient mechanism for the customer to provide feedback and solutions.

Customer privacy information

Customer’s private information will always be respected, except for legal requirements.

For more detail of: Code of Conduct of Banks and MFIs