Get a Biogas Loan with an incredibly low interest rate of only 0.75% and a loan amount of $100,000.

Biogas Loans are specifically designed for farmers, livestock owners, handicraft businesses, agro-processing units, and other factories that deal with waste disposal and biogas systems. These loans are intended to support investment purposes. Borrowers can access loan amounts of up to $100,000, with an incredibly low interest rate of only 0.75%.

According to His Excellency Dr. Chhay Than, Senior Minister and Minister of Planning, as well as Chairman of the National Committee for Agriculture Census of Cambodia 2023, he stated that there will be over 17 million Cambodians or 3.9 million households in 2023 and Out of these, 2.7 million households are engaged in farming. Raising animals such as cattle and pigs is a popular occupation among farmers in Cambodia. Not only do they produce a significant amount of waste, but this waste can also be recycled, contributing to environmental protection.

For this reason, AMK has developed a new loan called the Biogas Loan for farmers who are involved in animal husbandry and want to invest in a biogas system without any capital. You can apply for a loan with a down payment of up to $100,000 and enjoy an incredibly low interest rate of only 0.75%.

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