Awards and Certificates of Honor to Outstanding Branch and CO|SCO Performances for 1st Semester 2023 on Sale of Micro Insurance

On October 27, 2023, AMK Microfinance Institution Plc and Forte Life Assurance Company organized an Awards and Certificates of Honor to Outstanding Branch and CO|SCO Performances on Sale of Micro Insurance at AMK’s head office. The purpose of this event was to recognize and appreciate the outstanding performance of branches and credit officers in the sale of micro-insurance. The ceremony included the presentation of Letters of Appreciation to credit officers who had diligently promoted microinsurance to customers utilizing AMK loans in the past.

Mr. Suon Pisey, Chief Business Officer of AMK Microfinance Institution, emphasized the crucial role of insurance in poverty reduction and environmental economic development at the family, societal, national, and global levels. He highlighted that insurance acts as a financial safeguard, providing protection against unforeseen circumstances that may impact us and our loved ones in the future. As of September 2023, AMK has issued a total of 2. 3 million insurance policies and paid approximately $6 million in insurance premiums. He added, “I am extremely happy and proud of all the branches and credit officers who have diligently fulfilled their roles. I will continue to encourage all AMK credit officers and staff to keep working hard and strive for even better results.”

AMK has partnered with Forte Life Insurance to offer micro-insurance services, specifically health and accident insurance, to clients who have utilized AMK loans since 2014. The primary objective of this collaboration is to safeguard customers and their families from significant risks, as health and accidents are the primary challenges faced by low-income households. Moreover, the cost of accessing these micro-insurance services for AMK loan clients is less than 100 Riel per day or only 2, 500 Riel per month, providing protection for each family member throughout the year.