Phnom Penh: AMK Microfinance Institution Plc. has launched a new SWITCH (Smart Vista) across the country. It will be operational on 26th March 2018. The change to the new SWITCH will provide better services – fast, reliable, and high security, doing away with manual writing thus helping agents perform their operations more conveniently and efficiently.

In order to ensure that it will work smoothly, AMK’s IT team will need three days to fix the system. All AMK’s ATM/CDM and Agents will halt services for three days, from March 23 (6:00PM) to 26 (6:00AM), 2018. Everything will be working as normal from March 26, 2018.

AMK’s clients have radically increased in the last few years. In 2015, the total clients were only 480,000 but the number increased to 580,000 in 2016. As of February 2018, AMK has total client of over 680,000.

Mr. Huot Sokha, Chief Business Officer (Deposit & Channel) said that “The update to the new SWITCH is due to the increase of our clients.” He described that the world technology is on the rise, and to cope with this tech world, investment in new systems is a must. We learned that the new SWITCH will make our operations smoother, more efficient, and reduce cost. Our clients will be satisfied with it. Mr. Sokha added that this new SWITCH will provide us more capacity to serve our clients with many flexibilities, add more channels and create more products and services.

Mr. Sokha strongly believed that this new SWITCH will bring a lot more benefits to AMK’s agents, “No more hand-writing, increased productivity, easier and faster operations for them.”

AMK is a leading Microfinance Institution in terms of outreach and borrower numbers. As of February 2018, AMK has coverage of 89% of total villages across Cambodia with number of staff over 2,500, total clients of over 680,000 with a loan portfolio over USD 213 million. The number of offices have reached 150 and over 3,000 agents nationwide. AMK is providing variety of financial services including Loan, Deposit, Money Transfer, Micro Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance, Payment Service, Payroll Service, Mobile Banking, ATMs and CDMs.