AMK wins “Cambodia’s Best Employer Brand Awards” for three consecutive years

Becoming an employer of choice is not easy, but AMK is on track to obtain this status. AMK wins “Cambodia’s Best Employer Brand Awards” for three consecutive years has confirmed that AMK is in a good position to be an employer of choice. On 10th January 2023 marked the third time that AMK received the Awards from the Employer Branding Institution, World HRD Congress. The prestigious 18th Cambodia’s Best Employer Brand Awards was held in Bangkok, Thailand to acknowledge leading employers in Cambodia and Thailand for their solid commitment and investment toward taking care of their employees. AMK had gone through a very rigorous assessment and evaluation from the Employer Branding Institution to be considered and selected to be a winner of this award.

Over the past 20 years, AMK continues to grow bigger and stronger by delivering its diversified financial products and services, investing more in human capital and adopting new technologies to best meet customers’ changing needs. Being one of the leading microfinance deposit-taking institutions in Cambodia that serves about a million clients across all provinces of Cambodia, AMK understands very clearly that employees is at the heart its success.

Mrs. Deth Socheat, Head of Human Resource Department expressed that “Regardless of so many things we have done for our employees, at the management level, we keep asking ourselves every day if we have done enough for all of our staff. One of the top priorities for us every day is the safety and well-being of our employees. Even during the very difficult time (COVID 19), we did everything can to maintain all of our staff. We did not lay off even one staff. This award allows us to reflect and acknowledge so many good things that we have done and motivates us to do more for our staff. More importantly, this award is not for any specific individual at AMK, it is for every single one of us – from shareholders to employees. It is the result of everyone’s efforts to maintain the culture of positive & favorable working environment, highly committed staff and management, openness, transparency, learning & development, and innovation that are all in line with our core value.”

AMK’s commitment to staff can be seen through an existing mechanism where staff well-being is regularly monitored by top management and the board. This regular report tracks the indicators called “Responsibility to Staff” that look at how well AMK treats its employees from time to time.

About AMK:

AMK is one of Cambodia’s leading MFIs in term of outreach. AMK has 150 operating branches, and nearly 7,000 agents nationwide. AMK provides a wide variety of products and services including Loans, Deposit, Money Transfer, and Micro Insurance (focus on health and accident), Bills Payment Services, Payroll, Leasing, ATMs, and CDMs, especially the Mobile Banking App which can pay for water, electricity, garbage, top-up phone cards, and pay bills by scanning KHQR, transferring money between other local banks with Bakong and many other services.