AMK Launched “Fast Payment” Service

Phnom Penh: AMK Microfinance Plc. has officially launched “Fast Payment” service on July 15, 2016.

AMK under the initiative of National Bank of Cambodia (NBC) in cooperation with 12 commercial banks and microfinance institutions (MFIs) established “Fast Payment” service, aiming to provide an alternative channel that is faster, safe, and reliable for commercial banks and MFIs to execute interbank fund transfer and payment transaction in Khmer Riel for their customers across the country. Moreover, this service will positively contribute to promoting the use of Khmer Riel, enhancing transparency through electronic payment, reducing cash circulation in the market, ensuring the effective use of financial resources, and particularly, promoting financial inclusion and contributing to the economic development through the modernization of payment system in Cambodia.

Mr. Kea Borann, CEO of AMK said that “AMK has also been playing a key role in supporting to establish this “Fast Payment” service.” He added that “This service is very significant as it has held customers to easily making money transfer, and other payment services in Khmer Riel such as food, electronics, bus tickets which will be quickly paid by interbank through tellers, ATM, mobile phone or computer with high security.” “I am strongly confident that all customers will support and enjoy using this vital service as it saves time and money,” said CEO, and he would like to say in advance special thanks to all customers for supporting this service. It should be noted that “Fast Payment” service has been established in cooperation between NBC and 13 commercial banks and microfinance deposit-taking institutions (MDIs). They include MDIs, namely AMK, VISIONFUND, PRASAC, AMRET, KREDIT, HATTHA KAKSEKAR and Commercial banks, namely ACLEDA, CAMBODIAN PUBLIC BANK, CANADIA, ABA, BIDC, PHILLIP and SATHAPANA.