Spend only 200 Riels to get benefit up to 10,000 US$

Phnom Penh: AMK Microfinance Institution Plc. in cooperation with Forte Micro-Insurance launched a new product called “Personal Accident.” According to Micro-Insurance expert, personal accident will protect Cambodian family especially their financial stability despite their families have any accidents. Personal accident product provides a lot of benefits with a very reasonable price which is only 200 Riels per day and provides benefits up to USD 10,000.

Accidents especially traffic accidents have become the main concern for Cambodian people recently. When accident happens to a member of the family, you don’t only lose a beloved person but in cases that it is the key income earner member, this might result to financial crisis for the bereaved. The lives of the ones left behind will be forever severely affected. By seeing such issue, AMK and Forte Micro-Insurance designed this financially helpful product in order to secure a stable economic status for Cambodian families even as their family member or focal income earner gets any accident.

Mr. Suon Pisey, Chief Business Officer (Credit & MI) said that “We have experienced that when a member of the family particularly focal income earner gets into an accident, their families always have face financial problem. Sometimes, it has pulled the family into poverty due to having more expenses especially on treatment.” He added that “We launch this product as we want to help Cambodian families in order to have financial stability.”

Mr. Youk Chamroeunrith, CEO of Forte Insurance and Chairman of Forte Micro-Insurance said that “Personal accident is very significant micro-insurance product as it is the net to protect your family. It makes your family happiness and peaceful despite any accident will happen with your family.” He added that “What is important, you spend only 200 Riels, you will get the total benefit up to USD10,000”.