Health and Accidents are critical risks faced by low income households. It can easily become a severe burden to one’s finances.   To provide protection for unwanted incidents, AMK and its partner designed a simple, low-cost yet high promise product to our clients, this is the Micro Health Insurance. It is the only product that allows clients and their families to be protected while borrowing money.

Getting insured while borrowing money? Only with AMK!

Product Features and Benefits

Available in Khmer Riel, policy holder is covered for:


Cambodian citizens who are:
• Age from 18 to 70 years’ old
• Permanently residing in the country
• Living at a permanent address as certified by local authorities
• Be AMK loan client

How to Apply:

Please visit one of our nearest branches to you and meet our staff who will guide you through the processes, or contact us: 023 220 202 or 1800 200 200 (No Fee Charge).
Please click here for our branch’s addresses