South Korea

Kookmin Bank

How to transfer?
Customer can transfer money via ‘Liiv KB Cambodia’ (Kookmin Bank Cambodia App). Please install ‘Liiv KB Cambodia’ and visit our remittance branches in Korea.

To Phone NumberFrom 1 – 100 USD0.5 USD
From 101-250 USD 0.6 USD
From 101-250 USD 0.8 USD
From 501-1,000 USD 1.20 USD
To AMK Account From 1 – 100 USD 0.3 USD
From 101-250 USD 0.4 USD
From 101-250 USD 0.5 USD
From 501-1,000 USD 0.6 USD
From 1,001 -2,500 USD 0.1 USD of amount sending

Remittance branches:
• Wongok-dong F/X Center (Saturday, Sunday)
• Gyeongan Branch (Sunday)
• Gimhae Branch
• Uijeongbu Jung-ang Branch
For more details:
Please call to 02-2073-3185
Visit Facebook page: KBCambodia.Liiv (


How to transfer?
Customers can send money via HANPASS App.
Video of How to Transfer:

5,000 KRW flat for all amount

•Address: 4F, 92 Achasan-ro, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea (04782)
•Facebook:Hanpass.khmer (


How to transfer?
Customer need to visit Jeonbuk Bank then they can transfer through PPCBank Mobile App to Cambodi


Service Amount Fee
To Phone Number From 0-1,000 USD2.00 USD
To AMK Account Up to 20,000 USD
Via Bakong System
Free of Charge

•Address: 669-2 Keummam-dong, Deokjin-ku, Jeonju 561-711, Korea (South)
•Tel: +82 63 2507114