AMK is Your Employer of Choice

Phnom Penh: AMK’s staff has steadily grown year after year. The increase is proof that AMK is an institution that strongly develops and values its staff. All AMK’s staff have been focused and they enjoyed their work because the institution has totally provided a really good working environment, has given much more benefits especially on staff development.

Mrs. Peaing Pisak, Head of Human Resources Department said that “AMK has been working hard to become an Employer of Choice institution. We have provided three key features to all staff – benefits, good working environment and opportunities to develop a career path.” She emphasized that “Some of the key benefits that AMK offers include employee health insurance for the staff and their family (husband, spouse and children) with up to 100% coverage, 24-hour staff accident insurance, Khmer New Year and Pchum Ben bonus, pension fund, allowance for retired workers, incentives, staff loans with interest rate of only 2% per annum, maternity budget up to 170%, and medical leave with up to six months, special holidays and more benefits.

For staff development, she said that many staff development programs have been proposed every year. They are Employee Connection Plan, Competency, Rotation Program, Training / Coaching, Succession / Panel Program and Management Training Program.

Pisak also highlighted that working environment is very crucial for any institution. When an institution has a good working environment, employees are happy to cooperate in fulfilling their obligations, resulting in effective work. AMK is considered to be a good working environment because it has its own features, such as good working culture and common values, which in turn promote friendly, responsive, warm, and committed staff. As a result, they have good relationships and communications at all levels.

One of AMK’s staff, Mr. Saing Makry, a specialized credit officer, started working for AMK as a Credit Officer Intern in 2015. Due to his hard work, he was promoted to credit officer in the same year. In mid-2017, he was promoted to a new position as a specialized credit officer. “For almost two years I worked with AMK, I felt that AMK was my second home, all my colleagues are staff friendly, and we are just like one family.The important thing is that I get the inspiration from my supervisor as well as the teammates in my day-to-day activities,” he added.

AMK is a leading Microfinance Institution in terms of outreach and borrower numbers. As of December 2018, AMK has a coverage of 89% of total villages across Cambodia with the number of staff around 2,500, total clients of around 680,000 with a loan portfolio of over USD207 million. The number of offices have reached 150 and over 3,000 agents nationwide. AMK provides a variety of financial services including Loan, Deposit, Money Transfer, Micro Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance, Payment Service, Payroll Service, Mobile Banking, ATMs and CDMs.