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Throughout its history, AMK’s commitment to social performance has been absolute. AMK has developed a comprehensive social performance management framework, which ensures that the organization stays focusing on its mission to assist large numbers of poor people. As of December 2020,  3,176 staffs serve more than 960,000 clients in more than 13,000 villages across Cambodia. This outreach represents 90% of all villages.

Roots in Microcredit Intervention

The origins of AMK Microfinance Institution Plc. (AMK) traced back to Concern Worldwide’s (Concern) microcredit interventions in the 1990s. As operations grew, in 2002 Concern decided to create a separate microfinance company which became known as AMK. By 2003, AMK was functioning independently of Concern and subsequently received its license from the National Bank of Cambodia (NBC) in 2004.

Rapid Growth

By 2005 AMK made its first operating profit, had its first external borrowing approved and created a social performance management mechanism. In the following years, AMK experienced rapid growth in its core credit business, extending its branch network to every province in the country.

Deposit Taking License

In 2010, strategic transformation was implemented, turning AMK from a rural credit-only business into a broader provider of microfinance services. This strategy was driven by a desire to provide a broader array of financial services to Cambodia’s underserved poor population and thereby assist these people to improve their livelihoods. The granting of AMK’s Microfinance Deposit Taking license (MDI) in 2010 represented a key milestone in this journey. It allowed AMK to implement several new products and channels.

More Products and Services

Deposit products were rolled out to all branches by mid-2011, and as well as domestic money transfer product. Both of these services were expanded to all 113 AMK branch and sub-branch offices during 2012. AMK also introduced an agent-based mobile banking solution (Agent Banking) during 2011 and 2012.

To give customers easier and more convenient access to AMK deposit services, in 2013 AMK launched ATMs/CDMs as additional delivery channels to its customers. As of December 2016, there are a total of 58 ATMs/CDMs within the network.

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