Happy Old Age Account
2017-Jul-12 15:51 [Viewed : 8216]

Happy Old Age Account is a savings account that allow you to plan your personal financial management and family before retiring and retain happiness forever.

  • Have an initial deposit from KHR 10,000 or USD 2 or THB 100
  • No minimum balance required
  • Earn 5% extra​ cash in case of regularly deposit on a monthly basis
  • Get 300% insurance to the account holder for personal accident (PA)
  • Earn annual interest rate: 2.00 % for KHR, USD and THB
  • Get Free Contractual Card
  • Have an easy access for cash deposit through CDM (24/7) and agents
  • Enjoy great discounts at AMK’s merchants nationwid

Ex: This year, Chetra gets 30 years old and will be retired within 65 years old, so he starts opening Happy Old Age Account which he deposits KHR 40,000 on a monthly basis.

Here what he has to do:

- First step: Chetra opens a Happy Old Age Account

- Second step: Chetra monthly deposits KHR 40,000 within the period of 35 years.

- Third step: Chetra will surely get KHR 22,067,800 with the interest rate of 2% = KHR 1,964,600 (after tax) and get additional bonus 5% within the period of every five years = KHR 112,800 (after tax). After 35 years, Chetra gets a total of generated amount after tax is KHR 24,145,200.  

  • National ID Card or Passport
  • Or family book
  • Or equivalent documents
  • Call 023 22 02 02 or 1800 200 200
  • Or visit your nearest AMK office


Customer Service:
Tel: 023 220 202
Toll Free: 1800 200 200