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Savings is even more important for rural household for better financial management in coping with crisis and planning for their future. Cambodian people do have a culture of saving but in the most informal manner like piggy banks and secret hiding spots inside the house. People may not necessary know or have the means to save with a formal provider in the past. Distance is also a big barrier.

Hence, AMK has created a family of flexible deposit products with multiple delivery channels such as office, ATM/CDM and Agent banking (Branchless Banking) allowing customers to make transactions close to their homes. Currently, AMK offers multiple products such as:

  1. Easy Account
  2. Lucky Account
  3. Smart Kid Account
  4. Fixed Deposit Account
  5. Future Account
  6. Happy Old Age Account
Customer Service:
Tel: 023 220 202
Toll Free: 1800 200 200